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Epoxy Adhesive 50ml Transparent Glass Metal Ceramics Plastic Wood Bonding

Bigbong Epoxy Adhesive Adhension A:B 1:1 Resin Glue Epoxy 50ml Transparent Glass Metal Ceramics Plastic Wood Bonding Strong Adhesive 2 Part Epoxy Resin Glue Curing Time 5-30 Minutes with Mixed Mouth 。

About this item

  • Epoxy glue color: transparent/clear
  • Epoxy resin Mixing ratio: A:B,1:1
  • Epoxies capacity: 50ml
  • Epoxy AB glue curing time: approx.30 minutes
  • Epoxy adhesive temperature resistance: -30℃~90℃
Epoxy glue
Epoxy Adhesive Adhension

Epoxy specifications:


Mixing ratio: A:B,1:1

Curing time: approx.30 minutes

Full curing time: approx.24 hours

Temperature resistance: -30℃~90℃

Capacity: 50ml

It is suitable for metal,ceramic,wood,glass and hard plastic bonding.

It is not suitable for bonding elastic or soft material products.

Epoxy operation description:

1,Unscrewing the cap clockwise at 90 degrees.

2,extrude glue by glue gun.

3,aligning construction position with mixed mouth.


Package included:

1pc 1:1 50ml AB glue epoxy resion

2pcs 1:1 mixing nozzles

1pc mixing shovel

1pc Hand push rod



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