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2pcs Epoxy Glue Adhesive 50ml Black 1:1 AB Glues with Manual Glue Gun

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Two-Part Epoxy Adhesive. 1:1 Mix Ratio, 5 Minute Work Life And Handling Strength In Approximately A 24 Hr Cure Time.

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1pc 50ml Glue Gun 1:1 Manual Caulking Gun Dispenser

Glue Gun is the standard ‘square-back’ type
Glue Gun fits 50ml 1:1 all ‘square-backs’ type standard double-barrel ab Glues
Ergonomic, Simple And Convenient Operation.
Workable For Various Materials, Not Only Epoxy Resin.
Standard Blender Connection Without Leaking.
Separate Passage Avoiding Hardening Of Two Preparations.
Features A Modern And Ergonomic Design, Tools That Are Small And Easy To Work With.
Universal 50ml 1:1 AB Glue Gun Manual Operation Is Simple, Convenient And Durable, You Can Freely Control The Glue That Can Save Material And Improve Production Efficiency. Designed To Smear Or Drip Variety Of Two-Component Adhesives Or Paints, Two-Component Adhesive Can Solve The Problem Of Uneven Product Mix.
Operation Instructions:
1. Open The Top Of The Applicator, And Then Pull The Rack To Maximum.
2. After Fixing The Mixing Tips On Cartridge, Put The Material Cartridge Into Impression, And Lock It By The Dispenser.
3. Promote The Wrench To Make The Impression Material Come Out Smoothly From The Mixing Tip.
4. Put The Rack Back To Original Location.
5. Remove The Cartridge, Repeat The Above Operation.
Epoxy resin mixing


2pcs 50ml 1:1 Two-Component Epoxy Adhesive
two-part epoxy adhesive. 1:1 mix ratio, 5 minute work life and handling strength in approximately a 24 hr cure time.
Toughened for impact and vibration resistance.
Moderate work-life provides ample time for positioning and adjustment for fit Adhesive meters and mixes as it dispenses, for maximum work-life Medium viscosity,self-leveling formula provides easy, precise dispensing Effective adhesive for joining,gluing,adhering,attaching,repairing,potting,panel bonding,adhering,and structural bonding,metal,Glass,plastics,cardboard,wood.
Fast drying,easy to use with applicator nozzles manually without nozzles.
Epoxy adhesive two-component adhesive.
Extremely high shear strength.
Extremely high peel strength.
Outstanding environmental resistance.
Easy mixing.
Curing time: approx. 5 minutes
Full curing time: approx. 24 hours
Temperature resistance: -40℃ to 80℃
Capacityp: 50ml
Color: black
Mixing ratio: A:B=1:1
10pcs 1:1 Static Mixing Nozzles Mixed Tube
Mixing ratio: AB,1:1
Material: Plastic
Discharge caliber: 1.2mm
Length: approx.111mm
Package included:
2pcs 50ml 1:1 Two-Component Epoxy Adhesive
10pcs 1:1 Static Mixing Nozzles Mixed Tube
1pc 50ml Glue Gun 1:1 Manual Caulking Gun Dispenser


    Weight 0.45 kg
    Dimensions 18 × 11 × 7 cm
    Mixing ratio








    Package included

    2pcs 50ml 1:1 Two-Component Epoxy Adhesive
    10pcs 1:1 Static Mixing Nozzles Mixed Tube
    1pc 50ml Glue Gun 1:1 Manual Caulking Gun Dispenser

    Place of Origin

    Guangdong Shenzhen, China


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