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Silicone Glue/

Double Component Silicone Gasket Thermal Adhering Glue Heat Curing Adhesive K-8501AB

Price: $499.00

Application ratio: A:B=1:1

This products is a heat curing double component silicone adhesive,It can be glued well with all kinds of materials after curing.


1.Mix K-8501(AB)in a weight ratio of : A:B=1:1evenly. Spread the adhesive on a thin sheet , coating thickness less than 0.5mm.

2. Dip the gaskets ends with tiny adhesives

3.Heating at temperature 180°C for 10- 15 seconds,the adhesive is silicone elastomer after curing. Actual curing can be adjusted according to product size

Method of application:
• Application ratio: A:B=1:1(weig)
• The adhesive is added by weig
• Before gluing,the thoroughly m
• Brush the mixture glue onto the
• Curing at 190°C for 10-15 minu
• Mixed with primer coating(K-8501AB) silicone more viscosity

• Kept in a seal place.
• Curing time and the size of se certain temperature.
• Testing compatibility of rubber contained sulfur, tin,arsenic,phos Special Silicon


    Weight 2.7 kg


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