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500Pcs Mixing Nozzle Tips Tube Static Mixer for Epoxy Resin Adhesive 24 Element

Price: $369.00

Units Sold: 1

Package included:
500pcs static mixer nozzles

About this item

  • 【Durable】The core of the square static mixing tube is composed of up and down, left and right I-beam blades arranged in order, this structure type mixing tube has high efficiency, saving, durable…
  • 【High Efficiency】When the two-component AB glue passes through each blade, each liquid is divided into four parts, while the spiral static mixing tube can only divide the fluid glue into two parts, that is, the square static mixing nozzle mixing effect is two times the spiral mixing tube
  • 【Wide Application】Very suitable for A, B ratio disparity, viscosity error of the glue mixing use, mixing effect is excellent, good interface sealing, and any system glue no adverse reaction
  • 【Size】5”/12.8cm in length ; 2.65”/0.65cm bottom of diameter ; 0.59”/1.5mm top of diameter ,500pieces static epoxy mixing nozzle tip,24 element


    Weight 5 kg


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